Too Cute Puppies and Kittens Giveaway

Before you think I’ve lost my mind and am actually giving away tiny balls of squirming fluff, relax. I had a chance to preview two new book from Animal Planet TV — Too Cute Puppies and Too Cute Kittens. These [...]


Keeping Dogs and Cats Safe in the Winter

The leaves are painting beautiful landscapes for us as temperatures dip and my terriers can smell snow just around the corner. Justin Strausbaugh shares some tips on keeping our pets safe during the cooler winter months. There are few things [...]


Service Dogs For People With Rheumatoid Arthritis

In The Power of Wagging Tails, we learned all about service dogs and the incredible gift of independence they bring to people with many types of disabilities. We also met my friend Surfdog Ricochet, who transformed the life of his [...]

Sensitive-tummy Wheatie sniffs the digestive supplement

It’s Cranberry Season — For You and For Fido

It’s that time of year when cranberries make their way into all kinds of recipes. I’m planning on trying out a new cranberry stuffed bread later this week. Cranberries are healthy berries that have been shown to help prevent urinary [...]


How to Keep Your Dog Mentally Stimulated

Play is important for physical and mental stimulation — whether you’re two- or four-legged. Rachel MacDonald is a dog-loving freelance writer with a background in lifestyle and health-related subjects who’s sharing a guest blog about how to keep your dog [...]

Wheatie's already licking his lips in anticipation

Farm To Fido Treats

“Farm to table” is a phrase that means food comes more directly from the farm, with little processing and manipulation along the way. The folks at Whole Life Pets have adopted a “farm to friend” philosophy — getting healthy, nutritious [...]

Toby at AGH

Toby The Stress Buster

Toby visited his friends at Allegheny Health Network today, wagging his tail at old friends and new friends in the lobby, elevator, hospital floors, and cancer centers. He was delighted as everyone enjoyed petting his soft curls and commented on [...]


Books by Dr. Marcus

Fit as Fido
A Doctor's Guide to Dog Therapy and Healing: The Power of Wagging Tails
Therapy Dogs in Cancer Care: A Valuable Complementary Treatment
Ever Faithful: Your Dog Can Help You Fight Cancer