Toby Recalls His Visit to Fort Necessity

Toby’s diary on Saturday:

After spending Saturday evening at Wooflands and getting a fine resort breakfast (our doggie kibble served in Nemacolin dishes), we were ready for some more exploring and a taste of early American history. So on the drive home, we stopped at Fort Necessity and learned about young Washington’s fateful skirmish against the French in Jumonville Glen and subsequent surrender at the poorly placed and manned Fort Necessity. We learned about how these events lead to the French and Indian war and shaped Washington for his later role as leader of a fledgling country.

Close to the visitor center, Wheatie and I spied photo op stops with head cut-outs and knew we couldn’t just let the kids have fun with these. How cute are we in the backgrounds?!

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  1. Donna

    This picture is priceless!!

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