Animal Planet Crunchy Biscuit Giveaway

School started this month for all the kids — and also for Toby. He visits with students at a local college to bring some stress relief, a friendly face, and a taste of home. The first visit of the school year is always extra busy and fun as Toby reconnects with old friends and makes new friends from the freshman class. This week he got to see videos and photos on several freshmen phones of their dogs at home. Visiting college kids is fun, but also tough work for Toby. He has to maintain excellent behavior, listen to lots of secrets, and even catch tears from kids who just got out of a difficult exam. He, of course, does it all in stride.

Look what came in today's mail! Yum!

After relaxing the day after a college busy visit, he was excited to hear the doorbell ring as the postman dropped off a package containing Animal Planet’s new Crunchy Biscuits.

Toby's excited for the test to begin

They’re grain-free and made with meat, fruits, and vegetables, with no artificial colors, flavors, or animal by-products. Although Toby has been going to college for years now as a therapy dog, his reading skills are a bit spotty, so he takes little interest in product labels. He did, however,

Crunchy Biscuits get the terrier sniff test

immediately detect a yummy scent coming from the treat bag and couldn’t wait for me to open them up and give him a taste. These treats are not overly hard and are easy to break if you, like me, might like to split a treat between a couple terriers. Toby decided, however, that splitting was not necessary and was happy to eat an entire treat himself.

You can purchase Animal Planet biscuits in stores and online at stores like Toby is very excited to let you know that the folks at Animal Planet are offering a bag of treats to two lucky FitAsFido fans. If you’d like your own bag of Animal Planet Crunchy Biscuits, leave a comment after the end of this blog from today until the end of day Sunday. Two lucky winners will be chosen from those leaving comments. Eligible winners must be from the US.

6 Responses to “Animal Planet Crunchy Biscuit Giveaway”
  1. Tina Bornheimer

    I’m sending Toby a big hug for all his hard work at the college and being brave enough to be a taste tester! He’s an inspiration! I know if Toby likes the treats, my two dogs would love them too!

  2. Toby is always delighted to accept hugs in addition to treats! ;-)

  3. Virginia L. Rice

    Mt furkid, Reina is just too hyper to follow Toby’s example of visiting college students who are likely missing their loving pooches so of course these visits by Toby are a warm welcome as these students are already nervous in their new environment as they adjust to living on a college campus. I do think more colleges should consider implementing such programs!

    Oh as for the Animal Planet’s new Crunchy Biscuits giveaway, Reina is sending a LOUD **WOOF** ~ If I understand my pampered pooch I think that translates to, “I want to try some of those new treats by”

    Both Reina and I are sending a Pawsome High Five to Toby for being so brave in his adventures!

  4. 09.11.2013

    Ooh, I love that they are grain free! I know it’s super trendy right now but my dog seriously gets the worst ear infection when she eats grains.

  5. Congratulations, Jenna — you’re my lucky winner. Happy treating!

  6. Congratulations — you’ve won the second bag of Animal Planet dog treats. Reina will be doing a happy dance this morning! ;-)

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