Toby The Stress Buster

Toby visited his friends at Allegheny Health Network today, wagging his tail at old friends and new friends in the lobby, elevator, hospital floors, and cancer centers. He was delighted as everyone enjoyed petting his soft curls and commented on the bath and brush out he had yesterday in preparation for his visit, making him extra fluffy.

As we were leaving, a nurse entering a nurse’s lounge stopped Toby for a visit. We said goodbye and she opened the door to enter the room. Toby insisted on entering, too, and we found a room of about 20 nurses in a meeting. The room felt tense and no one was smiling. I apologized for the interruption and tried to leave, but Toby, in typical terrier fashion insisted he stay. Scowls turned to smiles as the nurses insisted, “Toby knows we could really use some stress relief right now. Have him come see me!” Toby made the rounds around the room. When we left, the room had changed from quiet and sullen to cheerful and smiling. I know they still had tough issues to tackle, but, hopefully, a little relief from therapy dog time gave a needed break and stress relief.

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  1. donna kaczynski

    there are days that I would TOTALLY love to be able to have Noah here at work… especially during outages when we work very long hours. Six days/12 hours each day… makes for the tireds and grumpies! Noah’s sitting and squinting would take away lots of stress! :)

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