Too Cute Puppies and Kittens Giveaway

Before you think I’ve lost my mind and am actually giving away tiny balls of squirming fluff, relax. I had a chance to preview two new book from Animal Planet TV — Too Cute Puppies and Too Cute Kittens. These little coffee table books will definitely have you saying, “Awwwww.” Be prepared for a cuteness overload.

Each book highlights a broad range of dogs and cats. I especially found the kitten book fascinating as I learned about a wide range of cat breeds, with pictures of both tiny kittens and adult cats and lots of fun facts about each breed. The puppy books has popular breeds you’d expect, but also some less well-known breeds like the Coton de Tulear. You’ll see wrinkly Shar-pei’s, howling Malamutes, and snoozing Rhodesian Ridgebacks. These books are a fun way to smile at super cute and learn fun facts about many different breeds of dogs and cats.

Animal Planet is giving away a copy of each book this week at Fit As Fido. Eligible winners need to reside in the United States or Canada. Winners will be chosen from those leaving comments at the end of this blog from today until the end of day on Saturday. Be sure to specify if you’d like the puppy or kitten book. We will randomly select one winner for each book.

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  1. 10.30.2013

    Ooh, puppies! I love both shows, but I’d love the puppies book.

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