4 Different Type of Orthodontic Bands and Metal Work

Ceramic-bracesOrthodontic bands and metal work frames or simply put, the braces are not just meant for teenagers and children. They are meant as a tooth alignment treatment option for everyone, even adults! Adults, in the recent years, have developed a strong inclination to dental braces in order to fix their smiles.

Let us have a look at the different kinds of orthodontic bands and metal work frames available for you:

1.The metal braces: These orthodontic bands and metal work frames are traditional and conventional, made out of stainless steel and work wonderfully in order to correct your smile. There is not a major drawback to their functionality, apart from their visibility to the outside world, which could possibly create embarrassing situations for many. The metal work frame is made out of a thin wire which is held in place with the help of a band made out of rubber, which helps put pressure on your teeth to straighten them. They are known to irritate the dental aesthetics of person in the beginning; however, once they adjust in your mouth, you would not face any other major issue related to them. You would want to avoid certain food items though, which could lead to them being dislodged.

2.Ceramic braces: The braces made out of ceramic are going to cost a bit more than your usual metal braces, because of the fact that they tend to blend with the natural appearance of your teeth. This makes sure that they are not really visible. You are given a choice between elastic ties and white metal ties in order to hold your ceramic orthodontic bands together. The braces have a very less chance of being discolored/ stained, but what could easily stain are the ties involved. The ties can stain quickly if certain food items and drinks are consumed in larger quantities. They are however sensitive and could chip and break down easily. They take some extra time to be adjusted on your dental aesthetics as well.

3.Lingual Braces: the lingual braces fall under the category of customized orthodontic bands and metal work. They are customized and adjusted in a way, that they could remain out of sight of many people. They could cost you more and the procedure to fix them to your mouth is a bit complicated in comparison to the others. In fact, sometimes in order to fix them correctly, the help of a skillful orthodontist would be required. However, they do not work in a good enough manner with small teeth, as they could interfere with the tongue of a person and could cause potential speech problems in return.

4.Invisible braces: These are a revolution to the dental industry as more and more people can opt for them happily and easily. These kinds of braces are made out a strong biocompatible material and can be used as dental aligners, and are practically invisible. This kind of braces tends to work in an efficient manner for people of all ages who do not necessarily have serious issues with their teeth.

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