8 Problems and Complications With Dental Implants

Losing a tooth is something that changes the overall appearance of the person by a huge margin. So the sufferers prefer replacing these lost teeth effectively. One such method to achieve this is using dental implants. These implants act like anchors that are placed in the jaw bone, and they support the crowns or dentures.

Titanium alloy is the most suitable material used to make implants. But since the process is a surgical one, there are numerous problems associated with it. Some of such problems are mentioned below:

1. Improper posse integration

This problem arises when the surface of the dental implant does not fuse well with the surrounding bone. The surface is called posse integrated surface. There are different reasons that may cause this problem to occur and some of them include inability of the surrounding to stabilize after the surgery, increased heating of the area around the surgery site, and application of high force on the affected area right after the surgery is over.

2. Various adverse reactions due to allergies

Since the implant is a foreign to the body, there is a chance for certain kinds of allergies to surface. Some people may be allergic towards implants that are made from titanium alloys. Various problems like galvanism and inflammation can be caused by these allergies.

3. Various infections may also surface

If the implant surgery is not perfect, there are chances for various kinds of infections to happen in the regions surrounding the affected area. If not treated, these infections can prove to be very dangerous.

4. Damages to the nerves

If the area is not prepared well prior the surgery, the nerves in the region may get affected; adversely resulting in pain or a tingling feeling.

5. Chances for the body to reject the implant

There are chances for the body to completely reject the implant. The reason for this is the fact that the implant is a foreign thing with a lot of bacteria.

6. The implant may end up in failure

There are certain cases in which the whole implanting process turns out to be a failure. Exerting pressure on the site right after the surgery or the habit of grinding teeth at night are two reasons for this failure to happen. Using a mouth guard at night will be helpful to prevent grinding during sleep.

7. The patient has to suffer from pain

There are situations in which the patient has to suffer from pain in the area. The reasons might be inflammation in the surroundings. Also this can occur if the implant is placed near a nerve.

8. The neighboring teeth may get affected

In certain situations, the process might cause damage to the neighboring teeth because there can be over preparation of the site or problems in drilling.

It is quite evident that there are various risks involved in installing implants in the mouth. But this can be solved to a certain extent by choosing a reputed dentist and also by following the advice of the dentist strictly.

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