Best Treatment for Removing Genital Warts

What is the the best genital wart remover for you ? Clinical Strength Somxl® Doesn’t just aim to remove your genital warts, to us that is only the first stage, we also aim to return your damaged skin to the healthy state it once was. Sometimes other treatments only focus on that stage and leave your skin damaged or scarred with the warts gone. To us that is only half the process. You should have clear skin again. That is why Clinical Strength Somxl® can be the best genital wart remover for you.

Other options that can cause problems when treating genital warts.

When are Lasers usually used ? Laser surgery usually is used by Doctors for genital warts when other options have not worked. Laser Treatment of Genital warts unfortunately can be more expensive than most other options, so it is worth trying other alternatives first.

One of the concerns of laser surgery treatment is that it can elevate the chance of warts coming back to the area that has been treated because the localized areas immune system will be comprised after treatment which can let the in-active wart virus come back to life.

The skills of the laser surgeon are very important in treating genital warts. Success is related to experience and an ability to remove the warts fully which can be difficult. The Laser is very accurate and will need to remove all of the infection or they will return. It would be wise to research your Doctors success rate.

Finally because of the sensitive nature of the skin area laser treatment has been known to cause scarring and pain during the process. There are thousands of nerve endings in these areas and lasers are powerful tools that effect them.


The recovery time will depend on the number and location of the genital warts but on average it will take 3 to 6 weeks, during that time you will have some pain and will need to avoid sexual contact.

Another option often used for a home treatment for genital warts is Trichloroacetic Acid. It is the same chemical that is used for skin peels in cosmetic dermatology. It is used because it is strongly acidic and it was found it could remove warts, layer by layer, just as it did with skin peels.

You will need to be very careful when putting Trichloroacetic Acid on genital warts or HPV warts. It is a very powerful irritant on the skin and if the concentration is too strong it will burn the warts and the surrounding skin area and cause pain and scarring. In fact often the area where the wart was located will be left scarred because of the burning nature of Trichloroacetic Acid.

So when looking for the best genital wart remover for you. Its important to think about the entire process and the results you want to achieve. Clinical Strength Somxl® is safe and made with the aim of healthy looking skin as the final result.

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