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Typographically-driven design

Skeuomorphic design – those designs in which all buttons are 3-dimensional and/or look like knobs, buttons or switches in real life are OUT. Except in cases in which skeuomorphic components enhance content or value, they will not be making a comeback for quite a while.

Why? Authenticity. Cognitive load. Speed.

Authenticity is important, especially to millennials. They want truth in all things. They want to get to the crux of what they came for and that’s not a visual exploration of cool buttons.

This also plays into cognitive load, which is the amount of information a person’s mind can take in, process, and store in a given amount of time. When the goal is to prompt a prospect to make a decision, any unnecessary distraction waylays that goal.

Extraneous design may also hinder site speed, especially on mobile devices.

The upside of typographically-driven design is that it gives the user information in a clear way and navigation that is free and easy.

Developers like Orbit Media Studios, an award-winning web development company in Illinois, are using large banners and images overlaid with clear, readable text to guide the user quickly to needed information while still leaving enough cognitive space to entice them to further exploration of an organization’s value.

Grid Design

Cognitive load really becomes an issue when a user has to look through tons of data to get to the information they’re looking for. Imagine Pinterest as a list. That’s why grid design, like you see on Pinterest or websites like Vibe, is so useful – they make visual scanning simple.

Hipsters and Hamptonites, or H&H, is a New York City web development company and digital creative agency. They are using the grid concept (among others) to help their clients organize and display information attractively and with increased usability.

Rule-Based and AI Bots

Chatting with websites and retailers used to be an annoyance. Now it’s a plus. The technology has shifted so that the user controls the conversation and can command the bot to perform tasks. For instance, if you want to know when it’s going to rain but you don’t want to keep checking back, you can have a bot notify you.

Spinx, a Los Angeles web development service, put this into play for a major beauty brand. By giving customers access to a beauty consultant bot, they could make informed decisions and have deeper satisfaction with their purchases.

So what can your business do with this?

Offer customized support. If a prospect or customer wants a quick answer with no fuss, they can use your conversational interface to get that information in a way that is convenient for them.

Other trends to watch for:

Authenticity – no tricks or subversion and less stock photography. Reality is king.

Virtual and augmented reality

Copy and interactivity that mimics real human behavior and speech – make the site interact with the consumer in the same way and language they would use with a friend

Microinteractions – examples would be “Swiping right”, liking a status, etc.
Cinemagraphs and gifs – studies have shown that users are more engaged with short moving images than static.

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