What is the tenant’s responsibility when bedbugs or roaches appear?

These details depend upon the agreement which the landlord and the tenant have with each other. In some cases, it is the duty of the landlord to ensure health and hygiene in the premises which he or she is letting out. However, it cannot be confirmed that the tenant is looking after the home and hearth properly. Thus, it can become confusing about whose responsibility it is to see to it that care is taken of the roaches or/and bed bugs which may infest the rented place.

tenant’s responsibility

In most cases, there can be some kind of mutual understanding of this issue as well. Where there is a harmonious relationship between the two involved parties – the landlord and the tenant – there should be no problem about this particular issue. The two can sit down and have a face to face discussion about this matter and come to a conclusion which is suitable to both sides. However, when one side disagrees with the other, it is then that the problem arises. At such a juncture, it becomes imperative to go back to the agreement which both parties would have signed before the tenant took the house over.

Should there be a sharing over the amount which is needed for suitable pest control?

Ideally speaking, some kind of division between the amount which is to be shelled out for pest control should be worked out. However, in this matter, both parties can argue out in their favour. The landlord is correct in his or her own terms in saying that he or she is not using or living in the premises. Thus, they should not have to bear any charges since they are not utilizing the property. The tenant too can be considered right in his terms saying that the property is not his or hers and thus why should he or she have to shell out any money in maintenance? However, it does stand to reason that the tenant is the one who should bear the brunt of this exercise. After all, the pest infestation, in all likelihood, unless and until he or she has just moved into the house only about two to three months back, is due to negligence on his or her part. Usually, bed bugs and roaches comes into places which are not maintained hygienically or properly. The sanitary conditions are definitely not up to the mark and which is why the infestation has taken place. This is a reasonable kind of conclusion.

Of course, the whole reasoning and perspective changes if the tenant has just moved into the apartment or flat. Then it can be considered negligence on the part of the landlord or the previous tenant as well. The previous people of course cannot be involved in such proceedings. Hence, the actual fault may be labelled as the landlord’s. Nonetheless, it can be concluded that this issue is a complicated one and something which really requires a highly mature level of thinking for an amicable sorting.

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